Week 4 Recap

Week number 4 got us close to the midway point of our season. It featured a no hitter, a big upset, and two forfeits. Here’s your game-by-game breakdown:

SUNDAY, JUNE 29- FOY Boys at Wagrupp Dynasty- FOY wins by forfeit

In the anticipated return of Wagrupp to the field, it turns out that it didn’t happen at all. The first use of the new forfeit rule ever.

SUNDAY, JUNE 29- FOY Boys at Pavlov’s Dawgs

Game 1: FOY Boys 13, Pavlov’s Dawgs 7

WP: Kloos (1-1) LP: Frankel (2-2)

The first real win of the season for the FOY Boys, and it came with a bang. Suhre hit two homers and Bigler hit one while Kloos shut down the Dawgs.

Game 2: Pavlov’s Dawgs 10, FOY Boys 9

WP: Knill (3-2)LP: Bigler (0-3)

The Dawgs played keep-away and stopped a late inning rally. Two homers from Bigler and one from Kloos were not enough to overcome the deficit.

SUNDAY, JUNE 29- Pavlov’s Dawgs at HTML

Game 1: HTML 12, Pavlov’s Dawgs 4

WP: Coykendall (4-0) LP: Knill (3-3)

The scoreless inning streak ended at 30 after a Knill double in the first, but it was still a dominant performance from HTML. 3 Homers for Turner and one a piece from Roeder and Coyk.

Game 2: HTML 7, Pavlov’s Dawgs 1

WP: Turner (2-0)LP: Knill (3-4)

Another dominant HTML performance, but another run let up. Roeder’s two bombs and Coyk’s shot made sure it didn’t matter.

SUNDAY, JUNE 29- Lil Pens at HTML

Game 1: HTML 1, Lil Pens 0

WP: Turner (3-0)LP: D. Bush (1-3)SV: Roeder (1)

A one hitter for HTML but the offense struggled to score, but one run across in the first was enough to seal the deal.

Game 2: HTML 6, Lil Pens 0

WP: Coykendall (5-0)

Coyk threw his second no hitter of the year against the Lil Pens, and he also hit 3 bombs. Add in one from Roeder, and HTML sits at 10-0, with the Pens dropping to a horrid 1-9.

HITTER OF THE WEEK: Tim Coykendall-9/16, 5 HR, 10 RBI, 4 BB

PITCHER OF THE WEEK: Tim Coykendall-2-0, 6 IP, 4 ER, 10 K, 1 no hitter