Week 1 & 2 Recap

There were a weekly record of 14 games played this week, that means were almost one-quarter of the way through the season after week one. Here’s how the games played out.

MONDAY, MAY 26TH- FOY Boys at Freaky Franchise

Game 1- Freaky Franchise 20, FOY Boys 1

The Franchise kept themselves going after the ODT win with a Tomkins no-no and bomb and two bombs from Ryan Bush.

Game 2- Freaky Franchise 6, FOY Boys 5

This one was closer than expected and Bigler hit a dinger off Ryan Bush, but the Boys couldn’t pull it out.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 28TH-Freaky Franchise at Wagrupp Dynasty

Game 1-Freaky Franchise 16, Wagrupp Dynasty 12 (6 innings)

The Franchise battled back from a 12-3 fourth inning deficit to take this one. Two bombs by Wagner weren’t enough to keep up with small ball and one from Tomkins.

Game 2-Freaky Franchise 20, Wagrupp Dynasty 0

This one was never really close as a hurt Mitch Rupp makes this team suffer in pitching. Bush hit 5 homers in this one.

SATURDAY, MAY 31ST-Pavlov’s Dawgs at Lil Pens

Game 1-Pavlov’s Dawgs 25, Lil Pens 11

The Dawgs were hitting the ball well as Benzing had two and Frankel had a jack, and Puig’s homer couldn’t keep up with them.

Game 2-Lil Pens 3, Pavlov’s Dawgs 0

The Pens got 3 in the first off of small ball tactics and Doug Bush shut down the Dawgs offense to take the win.

Lil Pens at Freaky Franchise

Game 1-Freaky Franchise 17, Lil Pens 6

The Pens’ lack of a second pitcher hurt them again as Ryan Bush made them pay with two homers.

Game 2-Freaky Franchise 1, Lil Pens 0

Ryan Bush did it all in this one, hitting a solo shot to put them up and then finishing the game out with a no-no.

Pavlov’s Dawgs at Freaky Franchise

Game 1-Pavlov’s Dawgs 14, Freaky Franchise 12

The Franchise hit a ton of homers (Bush 3, Tomkins 1), but couldn’t hold down the pitching side as Frankel hit one and Knill hit a check-swing walk-off grand slam.

Game 2-Freaky Franchise 26, Pavlov’s Dawgs 9

All of the Dawgs had homers and Frankel had two, but they couldn’t keep up with two from Tomkins and four from Bush.

HTML at Pavlov’s Dawgs

Game 1-HTML 10, Pavlov’s Dawgs 0

All of HTML homered in this one as it was never really close, bringing the Dawgs from down from their earlier success.

Game 2-HTML 18, Pavlov’s Dawgs 0

So many homers on one side: Roeder with 3, Turner with 2, and Coyk with 1. But the real story was the fact that Roeder was one batter away from a perfect game but had it broken up.

SUNDAY, JUNE 1ST-Pavlov’s Dawgs at FOY Boys

Game 1-Pavlov’s Dawgs 16, FOY Boys 8 (5 Innings)

Suhre homered but the rest of the Boys couldn’t get going; meanwhile Frankel hit two homers and Benzing had one.

Game 2-Pavlov’s Dawgs 19, FOY Boys 12

Kloos and Bigler homered for the Boys but the Dawgs played smallball and relied on a Benzing homer to seal it.

HITTER OF THE WEEK- Ryan Bush: 34/58, 17 HR, 80 RBI

PITCHER OF THE WEEK- Justin Tomkins: 4-0, 10.00 ERA, 14 K, 1 no-hitter