April Power Rankings

It’s finally here. We’re now about a month and a half from the Opening Day Tournament and we’re locked in at six teams for 2014. This may be the best field we’ve ever seen, and should produce some exciting games. LET’S RANK EM:

1.) HTML (Heat Throwing Mother Lovers): Chris Roeder, BJ Turner, Tim Coykendall

Is this the best team to ever play in the OCWA? It all depends on how BJ Turner plays. If he returns to the MVP discussion, this team might not lose. This team still won’t lose more than four games under any scenario. The only downside to BJ is that Roeder gets less at-bats. He’ll still be in the MVP discussion, as per usual.

2.) Freaky Franchise: Ryan Bush, Justin Tomkins

The Franchise returns with only half the squad from last year. Such is life in the new OCWA. This is a strong team though, as any team with Ryan Bush would be. If Justin Tomkins can provide support, this team will be fine. Another championship could be in the family future.

3.) Wagrupp Dynasty: Mitch Rupp, Tommy Wagner, Joe Simmons

Holy hitting! This team will light up the scoreboards for sure. Everyone knew that Mitch and Tommy were a guaranteed team, and the last minute Joe signing was a great one. If Mitch and Tommy split time on the mound, they can limit opponents while scoring a bunch. Joe provides a huge bat, and this team will be the upstart team this year.

4.) Wacky Waving Inflatable Flailing Arm Tube Men: Jon Suhre, Brett Bigler, Chris Sacheli

Sacheli provides a good pitching option and a quality bat to add to an already solid lineup. The rest of this will be dedicated to their name. This team finished last in the team name power rankings for two reasons: 1.) It’s so long its upsetting to type, and 2.) the reference isn’t even right.

5.) Lil Pens: Doug Bush, Nate St. Ours, Zack Carpin

This team is no surprise but the roster is slightly, with father Mike getting the quote-unquote axe. This is a risky move for Papa Bush as St. Ours had a rough year last year, and Puig has little experience on the bump. He’ll shoulder the load like always on the mound, but where do they find offense? They’ll think of something and prove me wrong.

6.) Pavlov’s Dawgs: Dylan Frankel, Ari Knill, Jordan Benzing

These guys have been in spring training since mid-winter. Dylan and Ari have been training with Dem Franchise Boyz for their trip to Connecticut on April 27th. They’ve looked pretty sharp, but Golden Stick and the OCWA are two different animals. Will it carry over? I say no.

There’s still a lot of interesting free agents out there (but only one team with room). Any changes haven’t been discussed yet, but if anything comes down, it will be passed along. Until then, we’ll see you in May.