One Week Left, But Who's Available

We’ve got one week before teams and rosters are due, and at the moment six teams stand. There are still a plethora of free agents available, and we’ll take a look at some of the best that are still looking for a home. But first, let’s run through the current rosters.

Roeder’s Team: Chris Roeder, BJ Turner, Tim Coykendall

This team has no more spots, and even so, adding someone takes away from this team’s ridiculous lineup.

Freaky Franchise: Ryan Bush, Justin Tomkins

The Franchise has one more open spot, but Ryan Bush says they’re not making any moves.

Frankel’s Team: Dylan Frankel, Ari Knill, Jordan Benzing

The news that Ari should be around is welcome to manager Frankel, so they can’t and won’t add anyone else.

Suhre’s Team: Jon Suhre, Brett Bigler, Chris Sacheli

Suhre made the move of the offseason by signing Sach. It probably took a potential team away, but Suhre needed a guy. No more moves for them.

Lil Pens: Doug Bush and some combination of the Carpuigs and Nate St. Ours

Bush had offers from teams but chose to keep his old squad together. They actually are going to have to make cuts.

Rupp’s Team: Mitch Rupp, Tommy Wagner

The eerie quiet out of the Rupp camp means that he won’t fill that third spot yet. He’s got bigger, more lacrosse-like things on his mind at the moment.

Those six teams are confirmed, and only two have open slots. Commishes Bush and Tomkins have thrown around the idea of entering the rest of the players into a draft, so here would be your draft pool.

Joe Simmons: Seriously, how has Joe not been scooped up yet? Does he have some availability issue that I don’t know about? Dude has a bat, and could provide an offensive boost to any team.

Josh Maves: See Joe Simmons, and then add the fact that Josh is a good pitcher. Also add in the fact that this is his year to perform (the every-other-year rule, also known as the Josh Maves Conundrum).

Dave Erb: You know what? These three guys I just mentioned should start a team. They would score 30 runs a game. They’d probably also give up that number.

Adam Kloos: Not the best overall player but you know what you’re getting with Kloos. Guy is a consistency machine. He would be a solid team captain if he could corral a Maves or a Simmons.

Ben Brown: Let’s play a game of “Where in the World in Ben Brown?” Insider sources say that he won’t be around, but if he is, he’s a guy that can provide a solid bat and can throw strikes. He also specializes in hats.

Colby Delaney: See Ben Brown, minus the solid bat. Good power hitter, but has been out of the game for too long to properly catch up to the speed. He also specializes in back-breaking swings.

James Draveck: Here’s a guy that would be on a team if he didn’t have an already busy schedule. So much heart.

Don Sutton: Oh Don, you get drafted every year by someone hoping that you randomly come back. He was a phenom in his season and a half in the league, but that whole being-on-the-other-side-of-the-world thing is an issue.

Those are the major names in free agency/that could start two teams and get us to eight (which we would love you eternally for). At this point, with six teams registered and only one week to go, we will either be taking two more teams or none. So get it together people.