2014 OCWA Format

In 2014 we are hoping to get back to the 8 team, 2 division format that we had in 2010. In order to do this we are limiting the roster size to a MAXIMUM OF 3 PLAYERS. If we reach our goal of 8 teams, you can then expand your roster. There will be no draft and you CAN form your own teams. Rosters are due by APRIL 1ST, 2014. Below is a brief description of how the 2014 season will work:

-8 teams split into 2 divisions

-Each team plays every division opponent 4 times (12 total games) and out of division opponents 2 times (8 total games) for a total of 20 games

-Season will consist of the Opening Day Tournament followed by the Regular Season, an All-Star Game (Date TBA), and the 2014 Playoffs (Dates TBA)

-Every team makes the playoffs

-The 1 and 4 seeds and 2 and 3 seeds from each division will be the first round match-ups, followed by bracket style tournament play where the 2014 Champion will eventually be crowned

-All playoff series are best-of-three series

If you have any questions or would like to submit your roster, please contact us:

Email: ocwawiff@gmail.com

Twitter: @OCWA

Text: 585-455-3815 (Ryan) or 315-521-8478 (Justin)