Opening Day Tournament Preview

It is Opening Day Eve here in central New York and teams are preparing for a long day of wiffle tomorrow. This will be the sixth edition of the preseason tournament, and this year’s tournament might feature the toughest competition. Some preseason games have been played since my last preview, so I figured I would update my predictions.

Game 1-Pavlov’s Dawgs vs Schweaty Sachs: The opening round games might be the easiest games to call, and that is not saying anything against any of the teams. The Sachs might have the most feared hitting lineup to ever hit the field, and although pitching is the Dawgs’ strength, they won’t match the offense of the Sachs.

Winner: Schweaty Sachs

Game 2-Freaky Franchise vs Master Batters: This is another case of good pitching versus good hitting. The Freaky Franchise have good pitching from all four guys, while the Batters have BJ Turner and Mitch Rupp. However, the Franchise can match the Batters in offensive output, and unless Turner goes complete, the Batters will be letting up runs.

Winners: Freaky Franchise

Game 3-Sachs/Dawgs vs Lil Pens: We have seen the Lil Pens in preseason action this year. We saw that Nate Saint Ours actually improved his game. We saw that Papa Bush still has it. I predicted that the Sachs would win their first game, but I think that the Lil Pens will keep them in check, and as long as they generate some offense, I have them winning here.

Winner: Lil Pens

Game 4-Franchise/Batters vs Strong Tough Dudes: The toughest game to call of the day, featuring last year’s National Player of the Year Ryan Bush versus last year’s OCWA Pitcher of the Year Chris Roeder. It all comes down to which team has a better supporting cast. In the preseason series these two teams played, the Franchise took all three games, and looked good in doing so. I think they continue the trend.

Winner: Freaky Franchise

Game 5-Franchise/Batters/STD vs Sachs/Dawgs/Pens: I predicted that the championship would come down to the Bush family again. The father and son championship has occurred seven times in the history of the OCWA, and son Ryan has a 4 to 3 advantage over father Doug. In the preseason series these two teams played, the Franchise took two of three games. I see them taking another from the Pens here, especially with the addition of Justin Tomkins, who was absent in the preseason.

Winner: Freaky Franchise