Comparing Old and New Teams

After last year’s draft, most teams have changed, some only in name, but some have changed completely. Some remained the same. Here is a look:

The Freaky Franchise is most like the Freaky Franchise:

Brett Bigler-Freaky Franchise

Ryan Bush-Freaky Franchise

Jon Suhre-Freaky Franchise

Justin Tomkins-Freaky Franchise

The Schweaty Sachs are most like Take A Wiff Of This:

Dave Erb-Hairy Hoodlums

Josh Ludwig-Take A Wiff Of This

Josh Maves-Take A Wiff Of This

Chris Sacheli-Take A Wiff Of This

Tim Segrue-Rookie

The Strong Tough Dudes are most like the Plainguys:

Alex Barber-Plainguys

Ben Brown-No Your Other Left

Jamie Downs-DNP

Joe Simmons-Tampa Bay Turtles

Chris Roeder-Plainguys

Matt Roeder-Plainguys

The Lil Pens are most like the Tampa Bay Turtles

Doug Bush-Tampa Bay Turtles

Mike Carpin-Rookie

Zack Carpin-Rookie

Richie Chute-Tampa Bay Turtles

James Draveck-Tampa Bay Turtles

Nate St. Ours-DNP

Pavlov’s Dawgs are most like No Your Other Left

Jordan Benzing-No Your Other Left

Dave DiLoreto-Rookie

Dylan Frankel-No Your Other Left

Ari Knill-No Your Other Left

Todd Nupp-Rookie

The Master Batters are most like None

John Crean-Plainguys

Adam Kloos-Hairy Hoodlums

Mitch Rupp-Tampa Bay Turtles

BJ Turner-DNP