Comparing Old and New Teams

April 4, 2013

After last year’s draft, most teams have changed, some only in name, but some have changed completely. Some remained the same. Here is a look:


The Freaky Franchise is most like the Freaky Franchise:

Brett Bigler-Freaky Franchise

Ryan Bush-Freaky Franchise

Jon Suhre-Freaky Franchise

Justin Tomkins-Freaky Franchise


The Schweaty Sachs are most like Take A Wiff Of This:

Dave Erb-Hairy Hoodlums

Josh Ludwig-Take A Wiff Of This

Josh Maves-Take A Wiff Of This

Chris Sacheli-Take A Wiff Of This

Tim Segrue-Rookie


The Strong Tough Dudes are most like the Plainguys:

Alex Barber-Plainguys

Ben Brown-No Your Other Left

Jamie Downs-DNP

Joe Simmons-Tampa Bay Turtles

Chris Roeder-Plainguys

Matt Roeder-Plainguys


The Lil Pens are most like the Tampa Bay Turtles

Doug Bush-Tampa Bay Turtles

Mike Carpin-Rookie

Zack Carpin-Rookie

Richie Chute-Tampa Bay Turtles

James Draveck-Tampa Bay Turtles

Nate St. Ours-DNP


Pavlov’s Dawgs are most like No Your Other Left

Jordan Benzing-No Your Other Left

Dave DiLoreto-Rookie

Dylan Frankel-No Your Other Left

Ari Knill-No Your Other Left

Todd Nupp-Rookie


The Master Batters are most like None

John Crean-Plainguys

Adam Kloos-Hairy Hoodlums

Mitch Rupp-Tampa Bay Turtles

BJ Turner-DNP

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