April Power Rankings

There’s only 34 days before the Opening Day Tournament, and for this month’s power rankings, not much has changed.

1.)Freaky Franchise- The Franchise split a preseason series against Pavlov’s Dawgs, but only Bush and Bigler were present. The whole team won’t make that mistake again.

2.)Schweaty Sachs- Consistent pitching will be the x-factor for this team. Chris Sacheli even said that himself. If they can get pitching down, their bats will do the rest.

3.)Strong Tough Dudes (STD)- Roeder, Brown, and Simmons will rival the Sachs for most intimidating lineup ever created. Consistent pitching might also be a problem for this team, but they have Chris Roeder to anchor them.

4.)Pavlov’s Dawgs- Gaining a preseason win over the Franchise gave this team hope and proved that they can compete with the league’s best teams. Benzing and Knill are much improved in the pitching department, and Dylan Frankel swung a bat.

5.)Lil’ Pens- Sounds like Nate St. Ours is in, and after a year off, we will see if he can return to Freaky Franchise form. If he can do that, this team could move up. But given the improvement of Pavlov’s Dawgs, I’ll move them down a spot this month.

6.)Master Batters- See Lil’ Pens. A potential star player who has taken time off with not much help around him. If Turner regains form, he can carry this team to ten wins by himself. If not, the Pens are in a better position pitching wise.