March Power Rankings

Everybody is starting to get the wiffle itch, and with today marking the deadline for team names/colors/shirt info, the season is right around the corner. Here are the power rankings for the month of March. (TWO MORE MONTHS!!)

1.)Freaky Franchise- The Franchise are 46-4 in OCWA play (playoffs included) in their two years of existence. I’m not betting against that.

2.)Schweaty Sachs- Formerly Team Sacheli. This team will be goooooood. As long as he shows up, pencil Tim Segrue in as Rookie of the Year. I have a feeling.

3.)Strong Tough Dudes (STD)- Formerly Team Roeder. They haven’t made much noise this offseason and repeated attempts to get BJ Turner have failed. I think they’ve stopped trying to get him, which might be a good choice, given what they were asked to give up.

4.)Lil’ Pens- Formerly Team Draveck. With Doug Bush now in control of this franchise, I’m moving them into fourth. Bush knows how to manage a game, something that James Draveck sometimes has trouble with. Plus, he’s bringing on new players, and a Nate St. Ours reunion would be scary. Plus, Bush has never had a team finish worse than fourth.

5.)Pavlov’s Dawgs- I’m keeping them in fifth solely because I think they will have improved dramatically. Manager Dylan Frankel will get his team ready, starting soon. With a little training, this team could be in midseason form by the Opening Day Tourney

6.)Master Batters- Formerly Team Kloos. Deciding between the last three teams has been a struggle, and I think I’ve said this with every single team I’ve put in last: they don’t deserve to be here. However, the more I think about it the less I believe that BJ Turner will show up and be dominant like he once was. That will kill this team.