Manager Interview: Dylan Frankel

1.)Last year was your rookie season in the OCWA. Overall, how do you view your rookie year and how will that translate to success this season?

I personally feel like my rookie year was a disaster. I finished with the lowest batting average in the OCWA, something I am not proud of. In this offseason however, I decided to start lifting weights and getting in shape. I have now lost 73 pounds and I have also toned up nicely. I feel like this, along with a year of league experience under my belt will help me turn that .172 batting average into a .721 batting average by season’s end. Swinging the bat will also aid in this process.

2.)You brought back most of the players from last year’s No Your Other Left through the draft. What was your team’s draft strategy?

Well, playing wiffle ball is all about having fun for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to win, but winning along side your main homies is that much better. I drafted Ari Knill and Jordan Benzing not only because they are great friends of mine, but also because I feel that they are very solid ballplayers offensively and defensively.

3.)This is your first year as an official manager after you operated under “interim” status last year. What can we look for out of the Pavlov’s Dawgs this season?

I am really looking forward to dropping “interim” from my title and being a full time manager this season. You can expect us to bring our best to BGP for every game, and to be able to hang right in there with the big dawgs (see what I did there) of the league. After all, I did get a hit off of Bush last season…

4.)Speaking of Pavlov’s Dawgs, it’s an interesting team name, why did you pick it?

It all dates back to “Pun #10”. Long story. One day in late 2011/early 2012, back during a time where me and Ryan Bush decided to keep track of and assign numbers to every pun we thought of, the OCWA’s own Nathan Saint Ours uttered the pun “Pavlov is my Dawg”. This was the 10th pun we had heard since our pun counting days began. I found his remark quite funny and kept it close to heart. When it came time to name my team, I felt that Pavlov’s Dawgs was just too clever not to choose.

5.)Which player on your roster will strike the fear of God into opposing players?

It’s hard to say, but I’ll go with David DiLoreto. He will be a rookie to the OCWA this season, but he’s no rookie to the game. David played baseball from a young age all the way through to the varsity level in high school. He definitely has the most baseball experience on our team. Personally I haven’t seen him play since he was probably 13 years old, but with a name like “Dave the Wave”, wouldn’t you fear the kid too?