Manager Interview: Adam Kloos

1.)Last year you played for the Hairy Hoodlums, who forfeited the last six games of the regular season and the entire playoffs. Overall, how did you view last season and how can you translate that into success this season?

Last season we were the laughing stocks of the league, now I’m not gonna name name’s (Colby) but we just had a lack in the management department overall. I don’t want to be there again this season, and we’re not going to be.

2.)In the draft, you picked a roster filled with hitting talent, but very few pitchers, which is an interesting tactic. What exactly was your draft strategy, and why trade Brett Bigler for BJ Turner?

Last year we really lacked on offense, with the exception of Erb. This is an offense driven league. Few people remember Mitch was Rookie of the Year. And if BJ Turner can regain his form he can be a dangerous weapon for us. Bigler is a good player don’t get me wrong, but I capitalized on the opportunity to build a more offense driven team. And that starts with me stepping up as well, being more aggressive at the plate.

3.)This is your first year as an official after being promoted to replace Colby Delaney. What can we look for out of the Master Batters this season?

You can expect us to live up to our name. Both on and off the field ;).

4.)You chose the Master Batters as your team name, which adds to the list of semi-inappropriate (yet hilarious) jokes that we’ve had for team names. Why did you choose the name?

I chose the name to match my philosophy going into the season-offense. Also, I wanted to remind everyone, on my team especially that this game is about having fun. If we’re all having fun we will play better.

5.)Which player on your roster will strike the fear of God into opposing players?

On the field: BJ. People won’t know what to expect of him this year after he didn’t play last summer. Off the field: Crean. He’ll kick the shit out of anyone.