Manager Interview: Ryan Bush

1.)Last year, the Freaky Franchise had arguably the best season in wiffleball history. Undefeated, OCWA Champions, and National Champions. Can you improve on that at all?

I really don’t think that we can do much better than that to be honest with you. But I do think that we can get better individually and improve our stats in certain areas.

2.)In the draft, you picked two very solid pitchers in Dave Erb and BJ Turner. You then traded both of them to acquire Justin Tomkins and Brett Bigler, making your roster the same as last season. What was your draft strategy and how do these trades improve your team?

Well I wanted to draft the same team as last year, but Kloos shocked the wiffleball world and took Biggie right before my pick. After that happened I decided to get Dave and BJ purely as trade bait so I could potentially get the team back together. After a few weeks of negotiating everything fell into place and I was lucky enough to get Justin and Biggie back on my side.

3.)You have been a manager in every season since the beginning of the league. How does this experience help you as you prepare for the upcoming season?

I would say that the most important thing that I have learned is that pitching is the biggest part of the game. Last season we had three solid guys that we could use at any point in the game. Now that Bigler is improving he will add even more depth to our rotation.

4.)As we’ve said before, the Freaky Franchise had no roster overturn this year. What can we expect out of the Franchise for this upcoming season?

You can expect a lot of the same things you saw last season. The pitching will be very spread out throughout our team and you can expect everyone to have very similar batting averages. With the new pitching rules we know that our depth will be a huge advantage so expect everyone to get at least a couple innings every series. You can also expect a lot of home runs. How many? About 100.

5.)Which player on your roster will strike the fear of God into opposing players?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Brett Bigler swings his bat with power comparable to the hammer of Thor. Look for him to hit about thirty dingers this season. That’s right, thirty.