February Power Rankings

One month closer the 6th Annual Opening Day Tourney, and we have some shake ups in the power rankings.

1.)Freaky Franchise- No change for the Franchise, and at this point they will be in a holding pattern until the Opening Day Tourney.

2.)Team Sacheli- Chris Sacheli picked up another piece in Tim Segrue, who is another St. John Fisher baseball product. Seeing how well they’ve fared in the past (Chris Roeder, Matt Mika), you can possibly pencil this guy in as the new Rookie of the Year favorite.

3.)Team Roeder- It is tough to put Roeder in this spot, but given the overall hitting power of Sacheli’s team, plus the addition of Segrue, Roeder slides down to the three spot. Still, Roeder has a chance to make a few moves in the months before the Opening Day Tourney, and he could reclaim his spot.

4.)Team Kloos- In my recent article “How the New Teams Stack Up (Using Stats!)”, Team Kloos was ranked dead last. No solid pitcher, only one solid hitter, this team was the worst statistically. So why am I keeping them fourth? Two words: BJ Turner. Turner will provide a boost to this team offensively as well as anchoring their pitching staff, as long as he shows.

5.)Pavlov’s Dawgs- Note the name change, formerly Team Frankel. Again alluding to the statistics article, I feel that I have greatly underestimated this team. This team actually grabbed the fourth spot in those rankings, and I bumped them up to fifth in these ones. I still think they will struggle to provide offense, but so will the team below them.

6.)Team Draveck- I don’t think this team deserves the last spot. Unfortunately, I can’t put them higher. This team will be okay pitching, but offensively, they might struggle. It all depends on whether or not Rookie of the Year candidate Tommy Wagner decides to show or not. If he does, he provides a huge bat for them. If not, they will have to rely on Doug Bush and Draveck to provide for them. If they can hit consistently, they can win.