Manager Interview: Chris Roeder

1.)Last year, your team made it to the finals and was two batters away from possibly winning it. You also picked up Pitcher of the Year honors. How are you going to carry that momentum through to this year?

This year’s team is a lot different. So our biggest concern at first will be getting all the guys together and on the same page. Team chemistry will be key. Our first game looks like it will be against the Franchise in the opening day tournament so we will really have to come in ready to play from game one. That means throwing gas and taking g hacks whenever possible. That’s the only way we will beat that team. We were the only team in the league to beat the Franchise last year, and this upcoming year we will be looking to do it again.

2.)You made some interesting choices during the draft this year, picking up solid guys like Ben Brown and Joe Simmons. What exactly was your draft strategy?

In the first round I was really looking for the best available pitcher and Ben was that guy. He’s a first round pick because he can pitch and he can swing it. Joe was my next pick because he can be relied on to hit bombs. I like when my team hits bombs. The other big factor in drafting these guys was the amount of swag they can bring to Bush Grapes Park on any given day. If you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you play good, and if you play good, you win. These guys look good on a wiffleball field all the time, and that’s the difference between good teams and not so good teams.

3.)This year will be your return to managing taking a one year break from the managerial game. How does your vast experience in managing help you coming into this season?

My experience has allowed me to learn the basic strategy for winning a wiffleball game. Its also helped me to realize how to manage my players and get the very best out of them. Because I’ve done this for so long, I’ve really been able to develop my coaching strategy. Basically, on the mound we throw a lot of strikes, and at the plate we take big hacks. Walks are cool every once in a while, but ya know what’s really cool? Hitting bombs. If there’s one thing that’s become very clear to me after all these years, it’s that the ladies love the long ball.

4.)You are the Strong Tough Dudes this year, or STD for short. How did you come up with the name?

How I came up with the name STD is quite the story. Basically, it was late one night, and I realized that I had 10 minutes to come up with a team before one was chosen for me. I just so happened to be at a little get-together, drinkin sodas with some buddies. I communicated my problem to the people who were around and after a quick, silly little discussion; STD was the name of my wiffleball team.

5.)Which player on your roster will strike the fear of God into opposing players?

Just seeing the name Strong Tough Dudes will be more than enough to cause sheer terror for the opposing team. Once they actually see our team in person, they will be paralyzed with fear.