Manager Interview: Doug Bush

1.)Last year your team struggled despite you having a pretty good season. How are you going to improve this year?

As a player on a team, you do whatever you can to win and help your team. As a manager, there is a whole new set of responsibilities. You have to create a roster you think can take you all the way while keeping a team chemistry that builds a winning spirit. Every team I’ve managed has been a winner, this year’s team will be no different.

2.)This is your first year back as a manager after taking a year off. How does it feel to be back?

Feels real good. And your right, I am back, all the way back. I’ve personally been on a training program and plan to add a couple of new pitches to my arsenal this year. You put this together with Nate coming back, returning veterans, and the addition of new faces and you have a solid contender.

3.)You were promoted to manager after James Draveck stepped down. You then brought in a few new names and a veteran in Nate St. Ours. How do you feel these roster moves improve your team?

Watch out for Natey. He is fully rested and ready to do battle. His offensive output along with his proven pitching and outstanding defensive skills will be a major force this year. The core of the original Lil’ Pens is back. Let’s not forget that the Lil Pens have won this thing before. Anyone who does not think we are contenders will quickly be proven wrong. The Lil Pens have a history of finding their way to championship games.

4.)The Lil Pens are a classic team in the OCWA, dating back to the first year when you guys won the championship. Why did you bring the name back?

The name represents a winning tradition. We will continue the winning tradition with our new look team. To represent the new look of the Pens, we changed our logo. We plan to give the Franchise some serious competition this year.

5.)Which player on your roster will strike the fear of God into opposing players?

No one is going to want to play the Lil Pens this year. You take my pitching and improved batting, Nate’s all around solid play, Draveck’s trash talking, leadership, and dedication along with the new energy of the Carpin boys and you have a winner. And yes, we too have a secret weapon this year. Let’s just say that Christmas will be coming early this year for the Lil Pens.