January Power Rankings

New month, new year, slight shifts in the power rankings. We’ve got it all this month.

1.)Freaky Franchise- Well last month I talked about how this team added a good piece in BJ Turner. Then, they traded him for Brett Bigler. I think this is a great move. Bigler has a huge bat and he has committed himself to playing more this year. Plus, the team from last year is back, adding to the chemistry.

2.)Team Roeder- This team had no changes over the last month, but they still scare me. Especially if Roeder can play more. Stay tuned on this team as they could make a move for BJ Turner.

3.)Team Sacheli- Chris Sacheli won’t make any more moves this offseason, so expect them to stay in the 3 spot unless a team from underneath makes a splash.

4.)Team Kloos- Before the Bigler-Turner swap, this team was fighting for the 4th spot. After the trade, they own it, and find themselves as the lone team in the “middle tier”. I won’t put them up with the top three just yet, but if Turner can show up and be as productive as he once was, this team will contend with the big boys.

5.)Team Draveck- They slide down to number five only because Kloos made a huge move and got a solid pitcher. Draveck still has a few pieces that make this team dangerous, and he has some tradable pieces. But there isn’t enough talent to make a huge splash just yet.

6.)Pavlov’s Dawgs- Nothing new for this team, but I have faith that they will work hard to improve from last year. I don’t think they’re a doormat by any means, and only time will tell if they can be a productive, cohesive unit. If they can manage that, they can manage to win.