Manager Interview: Chris Sacheli

1.)Last year, your team Take a Wiff of This surprised a lot of people, and finished third in the OCWA. How are you going to use last season to succeed this year?

Last season more then exceeded my expectations. After losing both my first and second round picks, I was calling it a lost season until Maves swooped in and saved the day. For this upcoming season, we still have the same core team with the addition of Dave “Big Daddy” Erb. I’m excited to see if we can make a big splash in the opening day tourney. Watching Maves and Erb reminds me of when I used to crush homers in the backyard with the Mark McGuire bat. Hopefully our pitching can remain strong. If it does, we’re giving the Franchise a run for their money.

2.)In the draft, you picked the same squad as you had last year, with the addition of Justin Tomkins. You then traded Tomkins for Dave Erb. What was your draft strategy and what dimension does Dave Erb add to your team?

The draft is always interesting and I knew I wanted to bring back Maves for another season, so I made sure to snatch him up with my first pick. I was excited to see Tomkins, aka Thompson, still on the board for my second pick. The stats don’t lie, Tomkins is a solid all around player and would have been a good addition to the team. I also knew his connections to the Freaky Franchise so I thought he could possibly be a good trading piece as well. Sure enough, I traded him away to his home with the Franchise and acquired the Erb-avoir. Adding a lefty to the lineup was key too. With the short porch in right, I’m confident Erb will make a run for the Homerun crown again.

3.)This is your third year of being a manager, and you are coming off your most successful year in managing. What can we expect out of the Schweaty Sachs this year?

I’d say last year was by far my hardest year while managing a team. Not only having to find players after my first two draft picks became unavailable, but having to manage the schedules of the infamous “Mannys” so I could have a team week in and week out. This year should be far easier; the Schweaty Sachs will emerge as a serious threat this year. Bi-weekly workouts at frozen ropes during the off season has really help Maves’ mechanics on the mound and daily trips to the Y’s weight room for Erb will ensure he tops the league in HRs. As for myself, I’ve been staying on strict rice crispy only diet to bulk up

4.)The Schweaty Sachs might win name of the year, but how did you choose that name?

I can’t take much credit for this name. I was going to be “The Mannys” until Bacon brought about his diabolical creation of a team name. It reminded me of the SNL classic “Schweaty Balls” featuring Alec Baldwin. I liked the name quite a bit and the rest is history.

5.)Which player on your roster will strike the fear of God into opposing players?

It has to Maves. He had flashes of brilliance last season where he was unhittable. That, combined with the “Take A Wiff” mentality at the plate makes him a lethal player. His patented yelling after a swing and a miss keeps pitchers shaking in their boots, not know whether or not they will live to the light of day again. NAILS