BWP: Overrated: The Continuing Tale of Ryan Bush and His Team

It’s been said and I’ll say it again. The Freaky Franchise or whatever the hell they will be called this year were, are, and will be over-rated. With NWLA backing them now let the brown nosing begin.

Where to start?

Ryan Bush, the wiffle ball prodigy: He throws gas, hits bombs, and his smile melts the hearts of the American public. He is arguably the best player in the OCWA and that’s where I come in, to argue it. With 213 career walks, probably about 211 just to me he is 3rd all time walk leader. He’s got an arm but when you put in a good hitter, cough, me, cough, he buckles. Sure he can throw high 80’s and hit a Home Run with his eyes closed but he is missing the most important thing a team needs, heart. He is a numb soulless wiff machine and to put it simply, he is over-rated.

Jay, co-founder: No one has ever cared about wiff more than this firecracker. When he’s not bombing home runs he’s lebroning off the field. He’s a man who cannot lose and luckily for him they don’t lose to often. When Jay gets in a funk, his temper can be the demise of a big lead and even cause a possible loss.

Suhre: Cursed with one of the worst, if not THE worst wiffle ball teams of all time, Jon landed a nice spot on the franchise’s line-up two years ago. I would be very surprised if he left his cushy starting pitching spot. TomJon has added little to the numbers of the Freaky Franchise but the important thing that he does is he keeps his cool. His calming presence returns he fellow hotheaded teammates back to earth. Don’t get me wrong he’s a good player but in no way is he on the same caliber of Ryan Bush.

Bigler: Don’t even get me F****** started about Brett F****** Bigler. Bigler was on my teams, The Carols, The Beepers, The Waters Warm, and do you wanna know home many games he showed up to? I think the total number for all three teams may have been 4. 4 GAMES! He is a solid hitter, a lack luster pitcher, and an overall bad teammate to his previous teams.

In my professional opinion if you put Ryan Bush on any team he will win the chip, he is just loyal to teammates, unlike his team mate Bigler. The Franchise are over-rated, its been said and it will be continued to be said, by me and Phil Limbeck,,forever. It may be the fact that I’m bitter, or they may just be over-rated, I’ll let you decide…….