BWP: And So It Begins

Alex Barber, what is there to say about the crowning career of this amazing under the radar wiffle-ball star? Hitter? Pitcher? Manager? Writer? Yes folks, he does it all, and if I’m being humble here he does them all very well. The OCWA has been around for a few years and it is hard to find an important event in their history without Alex Barber. With a revamp of their official website last year it was only a matter of time until Barber was asked to write his own column. Well, you asked for it. Here it is.

As I sat in class and thought of the best way to let my large following know how I will treat my column, I decided what better way than to conduct an interview with myself?

Boston Wiff Party, that’s an interesting name. Why did you choose this to be the title of your column?

Funny story actually, I didn’t.

What will you write about in your, what I will pre-maturely call, award-winning column?

I plan to write about everything that needs to be said about the OCWA. It is a league ruled by giants and it is time for a small name to get a big voice. Many of my articles will focus on the players, and the teams. My writing style is unique and has been called by many of my Boston University Professors as, “awkward.” My plans for it are a slightly more structured Krabbs Kronicle

Why do you think Ryan is giving you this chance to shine on the website?

One reason and one reason only. I am no longer a threat to his title. Yes I am going to be on a team but I can contribute little this year. I will be staying in Boston for the majority of the summer and will not have time for wiffle ball. I am very sad about this but I’ll tell you one guy who isn’t, RYAN “SKUSHYPOO” BUSH. We have always had the biggest rivalry in the league. This rivalry is going to be the main subject of my next post.

How long will the Boston Wiff Party Last?

Forever, it may change names depending on where I’m living at the time but now that I have a little piece of the OCWA website, I’m never letting go. Bush’s grandson will have to pry it from my cold dead hands.

When can we expect your next article?

Good question Alex. I will begin writing it about 5 seconds after I answer your last question.