The Hairy Hoodlums: From Wiffleball Grace to a Wiffleball Afterthought

This is the fourth part of a six part series highlighting each team in the OCWA and their season. In this installment, we cover the sixth place team in the OCWA, the Hairy Hoodlums.

Colby Delaney has always been widely regarded as one of the cornerstones of the OCWA. Delaney began his tenure in the league in 2009 as a manager, showing his love and devotion for wiffleball. He became an OCWA columnist in 2010 with the Krabb’s Kronicle, in which he acted as the league’s “beat reporter” of sorts. Delaney always gave wiffleball everything he had, and then, it all changed.

Delaney lost his managerial status in 2011 after he was drafted to Ponyboy’s Heart of Gold, joining Chris Sacheli and longtime teammate Dave Erb. The team often struggled, and Delaney became complacent about not having his own team. After the season, Delaney’s wish was granted, as he was given his own team.

Delaney snagged some big time names in the draft, as he selected Dave Erb, Justin Tomkins, and Adam Kloos. He also signed Tommy Wagner and Mike Cristo to serve as substitutes. Delaney’s team had the potential to contend for a top spot in the 2012 season, and received high rankings in the preseason power rankings.

Before the Opening Day Tourney, Delaney and the newly named Hairy Hoodlums dealt Justin Tomkins for Don Sutton. The move seemed to help their pitching game, but Sutton did not play a game for the Hoodlums.

The Hoodlums suffered a quick exit in the Opening Day Tourney. After playing a very solid game, they gave up a walk-off triple to Jamie Downs and lost 10-7. They put forth a good effort, and gained some much needed insight on the roles each player would have to perform when the regular season came around.

The Hoodlums started the regular season with a tough matchup against the Freaky Franchise, but rebounded nicely with three consecutive wins. However, many noticed a change in Delaney, as he was not playing with the same fire as years prior. After the short winning streak, the Hoodlums went 1-8 in the next nine, and then forfeited their final six. The only team to ever forfeit a game, Delaney disappeared from the wiffleball scene, leaving it as suddenly as he arrived. Kloos landed on his feet, as he was given a managerial position for 2013, and Erb was drafted by Chris Sacheli. However, anyone who played in the OCWA will never forget the oddity that was Colby Delaney.